The company’s history of NOVAPAX

1949 - Founding of NOVAPAX apparatus construction GmbH in Berlin: Production of metal and electrical products

1955 - The first injection moulds: NOVAPAX starts the production of injection moulding parts

1960 - Move to the first own building: Neuenburger Street, Berlin-Kreuzberg

1961 - After the building of the wall: Relocation of engineering to Leer/Ostfriesland

1967 - NOVAPAX develops ist first own injection moulding machine – Introduction at the plastics trade showin Düsseldorf. The company now operates under „NOVAPAX plastics technology“

1975 - The machine factory builds mainly machines and constructions for the plastics processing: The factory becomes indepedent.

1980 - NOVAPAX orientates itself more towards markets outside of Berlin: nationally and internationally

1986 - The Berlin factory moves from Kreuzberg to Tempelhof into a new building at Schaetzelbergstreet. Big expansion of the prodction of plastic parts. NOVAPAX is an efficient producer of technical parts based on three pillars:
    automotive industry
    aviation, electrical industry and other branches of industry
The factory park in moulding contains clamp forces of 15 to 440 tons.

1996 - NOVAPAX participates with 33,3% in the company Bruss plastics technology in Brieselang: collective production of composite parts und injection moulding seals fort he automotive industry. The capacities in toolmaking and research are expanded.

2000 - NOVAPAX purchases the adjacent site at Schaetzelbergstreet.

2001 - NOVAPAX expands: Start of construction for a new factory hall to produce injection moulding parts. After the completion in 2002, the industrial base covers about 21.000 squaremeters, from that 6.000 squaremeters usuable area for administration, manufacturing and warehouse. After full occupancy of the business expansion NOVAPAX Berlin offers 200 jobs.

2003 - Certification according to DIN EN ISA 9001:2000 and VDA 6.1. (quality management system) as well as to DIN EN ISA 14001 (environmental managemen stystem)

2003 - At the end of the year, NOVAPAX puts the new moulding hall with an area of 1600 squaremeters into operation.

2004 - Expansion of the machinery to 45 injection moulding machines, including two 2-K-machines.

2008 - Founding of the company Novapax Romania in Brasov - Romania and Participation in the company Venus Polymers in Faridabad – India. Both is useful for the supply for customers on-site.

2010 - Development of the assembly hall